Perr&Knight’s state filings professionals have experience submitting filings for all lines of business in all jurisdictions.


State Filings

Perr&Knight’s state filings unit is the largest provider of rate, rule and form filing services in the country.

We prepare and submit thousands of filings annually, more than most insurance companies’ internal state filings units. Our size gives us the ability to prepare and submit filings very quickly and work on multiple filing projects at the same time.

Perr&Knight’s state filings professionals have experience submitting filings for all lines of business in all jurisdictions. We are very familiar with each state insurance department’s specific filing requirements. In addition, we have developed and continue to cultivate positive working relationships with insurance department personnel across the country.

Our state filings unit provides a complete, organized solution for all types of filing projects, from simple, straightforward filings such as the introduction of a single endorsement to complicated new program or rate revision filings.

Perr&Knight is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and quality to our state filings clients on all of their filing projects, regardless of size or difficultly level. In addition to the size and experience of our state filings unit, our clients also benefit from the following services unique to Perr&Knight.

Perr&Knight developed to track all of its filing projects. It is a secure web application through which clients can access their filings on-line in real time in order to monitor filing progress and access filed materials. On our clients can navigate through all current and past filing projects and download all filed documents in Portable Document Format (“PDF”). For our clients, provides the most comprehensive documentation of their filed and approved rates, rules and forms. Allowing our clients’ real time access to their filing projects via the web application eliminates any “black hole” concerns that companies may otherwise feel when turning their filing projects over to a third party filing service.

Additionally, Perr&Knight has electronic funds transfer (“EFT”) capabilities enabled on our SERFF account, to facilitate payment in states that accept EFT.

Actuaries on Staff

Perr&Knight has 20+ credentialed actuaries on staff available to assist our state filings professionals with complex rate and rule filings. Our actuaries can assist with state specific rate filing support requirements including California’s rating template, New York’s rate filing sequence checklist and Florida’s RCS exhibits, as well as provide responses to rate and rule interrogatories.

Forms Consultants on Staff

Perr&Knight forms consultants can assist our state filings professionals with form filing submissions, including completing compliance checklists and responding to criticisms from the insurance departments pertaining to coverage forms.

We Pay Filing Fees Up Front

In many states, filing fees must be remitted with filing submissions. For some insurance com¬panies, check requisition processes can delay submissions for days or even weeks. Perr&Knight pays filing fees on our clients’ behalf and then seeks reimbursement after filings have been submitted. Perr&Knight’s management fulfills state filings check requests in less than 24 hours of receipt, eliminating any delays in the filing process.


Bureau Monitoring

Perr&Knight’s bureau monitoring service provides an efficient and cost effective way to monitor, track and analyze the impact of the numerous circulars and bulletins released each day by the various rating bureaus.

We perform these services for companies affiliated with large national and individual state bureaus who advise property & casualty insurance companies on rates/loss costs, rules and forms. Our bureau monitoring services encompass all lines of business in all U.S. jurisdictions.

In order to effectively utilize a rating bureau’s rates/loss costs, rules and/or forms, in a compliant manner, an affiliated company must:

  • Review each circular or bulletin released by the rating bureau.
  • Identify all insurance products affected by the circular or bulletin.
  • Determine the desired course of action, including any associated filings, for each product.
  • Prepare, submit and track any filings required by the company’s response to a circular or bulletin.
  • Communicate the status of resulting filings to appropriate insurance company personnel.

Document all steps in the process to ensure compliance. Our state filings unit often works together with our bureau monitoring unit to prepare and submit the necessary filings to adopt, delay adopt or non-adopt bureau loss/rates, rules or forms. This provides our clients with a comprehensive regulatory compliance solution for their bureau-based programs.

Perr&Knight manages our clients’ bureau monitoring processes through, a secure web application that can be customized for each insurance company to reflect their products and affiliation profile. This web application, developed by Perr&Knight, provides an organized solution for effective communication and documentation of an insurance company’s response to bureau rate/loss cost, rule and form activity. Through, we provide our clients with:

Circular and Bulletin Alerts

Perr&Knight issues alerts that summarize each circular or bulletin, inform the company of any required action including filings, identify the programs affected, and assess the impact on each program. The alert typically contains a link to the specific circular or bulletin. In addition, the company has the option of receiving e-mails, daily or weekly, informing them of the number of alerts by bureau over various time periods.

Filing Tracking

The web application’s “Company Filings” page allows our clients to track filings submitted in response to bureau circulars. Information on the Company Filings page can be sorted by filing type (e.g. rates, rules or forms), adoption method (e.g. delay adoptions, adoptions with modifications), filing status, effective date, etc., and downloaded to a spreadsheet. also offers the ability to add customized fields so that the Company Filings page can be tailored to meet a particular company’s tracking needs.


The search capabilities of the website allows our clients to filter and group together related bureau circulars, and to search circulars by key word, reference filing number, state, line of business, etc. Each user can save the searches they use most often.

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